A very hard week!

I lost my Mom May 8 to covid 19!

I was not allowed to go see her or even view her at the funeral parlor, I never got to say I Love you one last time..

Any death is hard but what I went through , I would nopt wish on anyone..

I traveled to R.I. to make arrangements and clean out her apartment.

I am so very grateful to my family for being there with me and for helping me through it all. I am back home now with my Moms things in tow, unpacking all the memories a little at a time is all I am able to cope with.

I always wait for my mail man to come everyday to see what he brings me.

Not Now.. I dread the mail because one day this week he will bring Moms ashes to me, I picked out a small urn to hold some of her ashes the rest will be buried in the Adirondack mountains in N.Y. state with my Dad and Sister.

I was on the phone with 2 funeral homes on Mothers day this year.. No one should be doing that.. My Mom was cremated in R.I. and her ashes will be sent to N.Y. funeral home for burial.

Through all the tears, Pain, Overwhelming confusion and fear.. I came back home a lot broken but oh so much STRONGER!

I Love and miss you so very much Mom….


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